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How To Download And Install Canon Scan Utility? - IJ & MF Scan

Canon Scan Utility

Canon Scan Utility in other words called as IJ Scan Utility is an application used to scan photos and documents quickly. It is supported on Windows computers and embedded along with your Canon printer driver. Few of its functions are provided here. The Auto Scan feature makes your job simple by offering common settings for your regular scan activities.For example, the moment you click on Photo, it starts scanning automatically.Moreover, do not worry about saving the scanned file at any time because the Canon Scan Utility automatically saves the images in a preset folder. It features a beautiful application called My Image Garden to work with some functions that allow you to access photos, attach files to email, or separate the text from documents.

Canon IJ Scan
Utility Download

From the steps below, learn how to download the Canon IJ Scan Utility to scan your documents flexibly and autosave with the in-built Auto Scan Feature.

  • You can see the download button below which contains the MP drivers for your Canon printer.
  • Click on the link to get the driver directly on your computer.
  • By clicking on the downloaded file from your browser, you will start with the installation.
  • If you want to download the driver using the software CD, first insert it into the computer or laptop’s CD drive.
  • Click on Run MSetup4.exe that displays on the Auto-Play screen and then click Yes or Continue on the User Account Control window.
  • If the CD ROM does not auto-populate the contents or read the file, then double-click on My Computer, the CD ROM icon, and then MSETUP4.EXE file.
  • Note that these steps are for only Windows users. Now, click Next and then Yes, again, click Next.
  • Follow the prompts on the dialog box and complete the installation.
Canon IJ Scan Utility

Download IJ Scan Utility Windows 10

The download procedure of IJ Scan Utility for all Windows operating system versions supported by your Canon printer remains the same. But the options may vary while launching it. With these quick steps, you can use the Canon Scan Utility effectively.

  • Download the MSETP4.exe file, which is supported only on Windows systems or laptops and run it.
  • If you download it from our website, you can directly follow the instructions that display on the upcoming process windows.
  • Otherwise, make use of the Printer’s software CD.
  • After installing successfully, go to the Start menu of your computer, choose All Apps Canon Utilities IJ Scan Utility.
  • If any of the above commands is not present, then key in IJ Scan Utility in the search bar.

Download IJ Scan Utility Windows 7

In many places, you may not find the supportive drivers, software or tools for Windows 7 OS version as Windows 10 is the latest. Understanding your need to use the IJ Scan Utility, we have given you the steps to download the MP driver and how to access it from a Windows 7 computer.

  • With the help of the printer CD, download and install the MP driver of the Canon IJ Scan Utility on your Windows computer.
  • Open the MSetup4.exe file and after the dialog box opens, click the Run MSetup4.exe option and proceed the instructions displayed by the installer.
  • After completing the installation, click the Start option on your computer or press the Windows key on your laptop.
  • Select All Programs Canon Utilities IJ Scan Utility to initiate the IJ Scan Utility tool.
  • The above steps can be followed for even a Windows Vista and Windows XP versions as well.
Canon MF Scan Utility

Canon MF Scan Utility Download

To download the MF Scan Utility tool, you will have to follow a few steps as provided below. Our website contains a generic download method and printer-specific download option. Search your Canon printer model number and look for the MF Scan Utility download procedure.

  • Click the button on the driver download link to avail the Canon MF Scan Utility tool.
  • The moment that you download, a screen appears to help you locate the downloaded file on your computer.
  • The file appears on the browser’s bar or you can also click the three-dotted lines menu and select Downloads.
  • From the list of downloaded links or files that appear, choose the file that you need.
  • Extract the file with the name MFScanUtilityvV1400_EN.exe. The version name varies depending on the update it receives.
  • A folder will have been created with the file name in the Downloads folder.
  • Open the respective folder and click on SETUP.exe. Click Next, select Yes on the End-User License agreement and then complete the process.
  • Now, this concludes the download and installation of the MF Scan Utility tool on your computer.

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