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Ij Start Canon Lide 300 Setup and Install | IJ Start Canon[2022]

Ij Start Canon Lide 300 Setup

Canon CanoScan LiDE 300 is a handy scanner that helps you to scan your photos/documents professionally. With IJ Scan Utility, you can scan on your Canon LiDE scanner efficiently from your computer. Below we have given the procedure of the Ij Start Canon Lide 300 Setup.

Ij Start Canon Lide 300 Setup


  • Take out your Canon Scan LiDE 300 printer from the box and check if all the accessories have been included in the box.
  • Peel and remove all the protective tapes around the scanner and its components carefully.
  • Turn on the scanner and connect it to your computer using the provided USB cable.

Canon Lide 300 Installing the Ink Tanks

  • Raise your printer’s scanner unit.
  • Now, get the ink tanks that are provided along with the printer.
  • Unpack all the ink tanks.
  • Insert the unpacked tanks one by one into their holders. Make sure that the tanks are installed correctly.
  • Lower the scanner unit of your printer.

Canon Lide 300 Loading Paper

  • Pull the paper cassette completely out of your printer.
  • Now, get a stack of plain, super high gloss, glossy, semi-gloss, or any paper type of your desire. 
  • Align the width guides based on the paper type that you’re loading.
  • Now, load the paper in the cassette.
  • Adjust the width guides properly and place the cassette back into the printer.

Align the Canon Lide 300 Print Head

  • Press OK when the following message is displayed on the screen: “Printing for the print head alignment will start.”
  • Take the printed alignment paper from the input cassette and place it on the scanner glass.
  • Scan the alignment paper by following the on-screen instructions.
  • Once the printer scans the placed paper, the alignment process is completed.
  • Press OK.

Installing the Printer Driver or App

  • Choose the desired connection type from the printer’s control panel when prompted.
  • Run the printer’s setup CD on your computer.
  • For a smartphone, install and open the Canon PRIN Inkjet/SELPHY app on your phone.
  • Install the printer on your computer or phone by performing the prompts displayed on the screen.
  • Finally, scan or print a test page to check whether the Ij Start Canon Lide 300 Setup is done correctly.

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