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How to Perform IJ Start Canon TS3340 Printer Setup? [2021]

IJ Start Canon TS3340 setup

IJ Start Canon TS3340 is a multifunctional printer that comes at an affordable cost, and it is designed in a compact manner. So, it fits into any place without occupying much space. The device allows you to easily print from any place inside the room through a wireless network. IJ Start Canon TS3340 also enables you to connect your smartphones through a smart app. The device is designed mainly for home and small-sized businesses or educational purposes. The printer delivers quick prints and helps improve productivity. Are you searching for the steps to set up IJ Start Canon TS3340? Then, follow the provided instruction below for setup.

Steps to setup IJ Start Canon TS3340

Step 1: Unpacking IJ Start Canon TS3340

  • Unpack the IJ Start Canon TS3340 printer and all its components from the printer box.
  • Remove all the protective tapes and seals from the printer.
  • Don’t forget to open the printer’s front cover and remove the orange tape and protective material from the inner parts of the printer.
  • Close the front cover.
  • Place the printer in a comfortable place near the power outlet and within the Wi-Fi range so that you can easily access it.
IJ Start Canon TS3340 setup
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Step 2: Turn on the IJ Start Canon TS3340 printer

  • Connect one of the ends of the power cord to the printer’s rear side and another end to the power outlet.
  • Press the Power button on the printer and make sure that the printer screen turns on.

Step 3: Installing ink cartridges

  • Open the front cover of the printer.
  • You can see the ink cartridge unit inside the printer.
  • Now, unpack the ink cartridges from the protective cover, remove the protective orange tape, and make sure that you do not touch the print head.
  • Insert the color ink cartridge on the left side of the cartridge holder and press it firmly until you hear the click sound.
  • Place the black ink cartridge on the right side of the cartridge holder, press it the same way, and make sure that you have inserted them both properly. Now, close the front cover.

Step 4: Loading paper

  • Open the paper support, which is on the top of the printer.
  • Fold the paper support to the rear side of the printer.
  • Now, slide the paper guide to the left to make the paper size fit the tray.
  • Place the paper on the paper support by keeping the print side facing up.
  • Adjust the paper guide firmly so that the edges are not damaged.
  • Now, pull out the paper output tray and open the paper output extension.

Step 5: Connecting IJ Start Canon TS3340 to the Wi-Fi

  • Make sure that the Wi-Fi router is on, and you place the printer within the Wi-Fi router range.
  • Now, press the Wireless button on the printer to connect to the router.
  • Press and hold the button until the Wireless icon blinks on your printer screen.
  • Now, you can press and hold the WPS button on the Wi-Fi router.
  • Wait for few seconds until the printer gets connected to the Wi-Fi, where the LED blinking light stops on your Wi-Fi router.

Step 6: Installation of software

  • Turn on your PC and make sure that it is connected to the Wi-Fi router to which the IJ Start Canon TS3340 printer is connected.
  • Insert the IJ Start Canon TS3340 printer installation software CD into your PC and install the software.
  • You can even download the software from the official web page of Canon.
  • Download the IJ Canon utility and make sure that you download the software that supports your OS.
  • After downloading, search and locate the software from the Downloads folder and double-click the icon to install the software.
  • Install the software after selecting Yes on the License Agreement and click Install.
  • Click Start setup after installation and select Wi-Fi connection on the connectivity page.
  • Now, you simply have to follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup.
  • Wait until the desktop displays a message saying that your connection is completed.

Now, the IJ Start Canon TS3340 printer setup is over. You can now take a test print.

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